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Navigating Feedback in the Dental Practice

administration coaching dental coach dentistry relationships reputation teamwork May 28, 2024

How are you handling communication and collaboration in your dental practice? Recently, a fellow dentist reached out, stressing over the challenge of managing feedback from team members during procedures. Feeling a mix of pressure to satisfy the owner dentist, the patient, and the rest of the team, this doctor was seeking guidance on maintaining composure and confidence amidst the feedback loop.

Over the years, we've encountered similar scenarios and have gleaned valuable insights on how to navigate such situations effectively. Here's what we recommended:

  1. Embrace Constructive Feedback: Encourage your team to speak up if they notice something during procedures. Remember, feedback itself is neutral; it's the interpretation that shapes its impact. Reframe it as a collective effort to deliver the best dentistry possible for the patient.

  2. Set Communication Preferences: Different doctors have varying preferences for receiving feedback – whether it's verbal cues, sticky notes, or subtle gestures. Communicate your preferred method to your team to streamline the process.

  3. Appreciate Team Support: Recognize that feedback is not a critique of your abilities but rather a collaborative effort to enhance patient care. Embrace the support from your team, fostering a culture of mutual respect and growth.

  4. Cultivate Confidence: Confidence is a journey, especially fresh out of dental school. Humble yourself to seek support from your team, aligning everyone towards a common goal of providing exceptional patient care.

  5. Initiate Open Conversations: Approach feedback discussions with humility and openness. Start by soliciting assistance from your team, articulating your intentions and goals for patient care. Emphasize the collective commitment to serving patients to the best of your abilities.

Remember, your journey from dental school to practicing dentist has equipped you with the resilience and capability to tackle any challenge. By fostering open communication, embracing support from your team, and prioritizing patient care, you're not just building confidence but also nurturing a thriving practice environment.

So, the next time you find yourself amidst feedback or questions from your team, view it as an opportunity for growth and collaboration. Together, we can continue to elevate patient care standards and empower each other in our professional journeys.

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