We provide a number of practice-changing and life-changing programs for you and your team. 

Complimentary Consultation

We provide complimentary consultations to determine your current status and your readiness to change. Whether you are transitioning from corporate dentistry or dental school into a private practice, or if you are ready to take your practice into higher productivity with high level services like airway, pain, implants, and complete restorative, we will explore the possibilities for how we might partner together to get you there. 

Many doctors add high level skills and yet have a challenge integrating those skills into a productive team and their workflow. Many doctors just get bogged down with the same ol’ same ol’. We would like to inspire you to prepare for change and explore your opportunities. 

This consultation usually is preliminary for a comprehensive retreat where we dive deep and build a strategy for your future. 

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Doctor Retreat

This opportunity to step back and evaluate your desired future is our chance to listen, inspire, and probe into the practice that you really want to develop.  

Over the course of 2-3 days of reviewing your current status and exploring your desires and your skills, we can develop a path forward. This retreat will set us up for directional recommendations, next steps and long term planning. 

There is no ongoing commitment associated with this retreat, however many of our retreats result in a 6 month coaching agreement to assist with implementing the strategies that we establish together. 

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Custom Coaching

This is our specialty and our personal commitment to your ongoing development and success. Not all doctors need the same path forward and we certainly want you to move in your direction at your pace. 

Most of our coaching is long term, where we support you in 6 or 12 month containers.

We work from your strategy and your plan in a way that includes all the elements necessary for your success. Whatever you need can be a part of your plan: clinical support and mentoring, leadership development, team development, change management, workflow, projects and systems, etc.

We work from a set of values that include curiosity, grace, gratitude and excellence. Our foundation of success is in excellent relationships. And we are totally focused on bold ambitious results. 

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Team Coaching

We are enthusiastic about assisting you in the development of your teams. Team development is the area that many doctors and teams are aching for, since team work is critical for practice excellence. Trust, respect, engagement, appreciation.

We specialize in elective care enrollment and excellent relationships. Your culture of patient care directly reflects your reputation. 

We will use a flexible and custom approach to implement office team development in the areas of enrollment, customer service, scripting, phone conversions, referral management, and front office systems, standard operating procedures, team engagement.

It is our experience that training alone can be ineffective, unless we change the workflow and the tools that are used in the day to day work of the team. Follow up and follow through, i.e. accountability, are critical to maintain changes long term.

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Live Seminars

We have committed to connecting in person in presentations as well as personal professional coaching.

You can attend presentations as a way to get to know us, learn some new ideas, reinforce your commitment to your team and your knowledge, and to clarify your approach to your future and your quality of life.

We host seminars on a variety of topics that will elevate your curiosity and skill in every aspect of comprehensive care and wellness. You will find that the Functional Aesthetic approach to care goes beyond just smile design and occlusion. It extends into the areas of Airway structure, function and behavior, as well as into the areas of myofunctional development of the tongue and the entire muscular neurology of reflexes, orthopedic development, chewing and swallowing, and breathing. Even chronic head and neck pain, including chronic headaches, are areas that we teach.  

Oh yeah, and we also love to teach about relationship centered care, values driven planning, comprehensive treatment planning, and superb enrollment skills — so you can deliver the most excellent and optimal care for each patient!

Check out our programs and our upcoming events. We would love to see you there.

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