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Unlocking the Full Potential of Continuing Education in Dentistry

business coaching continuing education dentistry relationships reputation technology Aug 22, 2023

 Have you ever returned from an inspiring continuing education course in dentistry, with fresh knowledge and innovative techniques, only to be met with resistance from your team and patients? It's a frustrating and all too common problem in the world of dentistry, leaving many practitioners pondering why their new equipment is collecting dust in the corner or why their team seems hesitant to support their revolutionary treatment plans.

Is this destined to be the status quo? Not at all.

Let's explore some common roadblocks that can hinder your Return On Investment (ROI) in continuing education or equipment and how to overcome them.

The Power of a Unified Team

One of the primary reasons your team might resist embracing new techniques or equipment is because there hasn't been a collective understanding of the need for improvement. There's immense power in a team that collaboratively seeks better, more modern ways to serve patients effectively. When your team actively participates in the process of improvement, they're more likely to embrace change enthusiastically.

Emphasize "Improved" Over "New"

Oftentimes, we tend to label things as "new" when what we really mean is "improved." When presenting treatment options to patients, avoid using the term "new." Patients may associate "new" with a profit-driven motive, leading them to question your intentions. Instead, focus on how these improved approaches offer better solutions to their existing dental issues. It's not about something being "new"; it's about providing an "improved" path to their desired results.

Effective Sales Communication

While we often shy away from the term "sales" in healthcare, the truth is, it plays a crucial role in case acceptance. Effective case acceptance isn't about marketing or education alone; it's about conveying the value of a treatment plan in a way that doesn't make patients feel pressured or uncomfortable. Investing in sales training for your team can help them communicate the benefits of a treatment plan without coming across as pushy salespeople.

Inject Enthusiasm into Routine Care

Dental procedures, even routine ones like crowns or Invisalign, can have a significant impact on a patient's life. It's not just about dental health; it's about their ability to chew, smile, their confidence, and overall well-being. As practitioners, we must infuse enthusiasm and excitement into our interactions with patients. Are you more like Eyore or Tigger? Let's strive to be the latter, getting genuinely excited about the positive transformations we can bring to our patients' lives.

Have you discovered an effective way to discuss "sales" with your team? Share them with us and let's foster a community of knowledge-sharing to help each other thrive in the dynamic field of dentistry!

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