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Breaking Free from Past Patterns

administration business coaching continuing education dental coach dentistry workplace Nov 21, 2023

 "If I knew then what I know now…" How often have you said these words to yourself? The journey of growth, knowledge, and change is a dynamic process, yet we often find ourselves ensnared in patterns meticulously crafted by our past experiences. These patterns, born during moments of learning old systems, navigating familiar emotions, and adapting to past relationships, persistently linger, haunting us to this very day.

The Paradox of Familiar Patterns

The crazy thing about growing, knowing, and changing is that these patterns, established in the past, can act as silent architects, shaping our present circumstances. From scheduling treatment to dealing with relationships, the echoes of our past continue to reverberate, sometimes hindering our growth.

Unveiling Treatment Scheduling Patterns

Consider how treatment scheduling unfolds—a process often dictated by the desperation to "fill" the schedule. Many of us allowed patients to schedule at their convenience, fostering a pattern that may have served its purpose in the early stages but could now inhibit the growth of a more mature practice.

Now, shift your perspective to the efficient scheduling of operating rooms in a hospital—a completely different pattern. Witnessing this productivity sparks the thought, "If only I could work that way."

The Real Challenge: Liberating Our Future Selves

The true challenge lies not in dwelling on the past but in recognizing that our future selves don't want to be bogged down by these patterns. It's a call to break free from the invisible chains that tie us to outdated habits.

A recent quote by Eric Barker resonates with this sentiment: "Think About Your Future Self: You don’t want Future You cursing at Present You. Think about the future. Think about who you want to be. And be that person now."

Taking Action for Future You

This truism serves as a wake-up call. It's time to take intentional steps to reset our patterns, ensuring that our future selves thrive without the burdens of outdated habits. After all, the last person we want to disappoint is the person we are becoming.

Here's to breaking free from the past and crafting a future filled with growth, wisdom, and a "future you" who looks back with gratitude.


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