Featured Testimonial

Lisa Baines

Working with Dee Dee has been everything to my practice. Her ability to pinpoint specific issues and give specific instructions is terrific. She is honest and straightforward, she does her research, and speaks from experience.

After working with Dee Dee, my confidence has grown tremendously and my ability to tackle difficult case presentations has increased as well. She has a passion and commitment for high quality, relationship based dentistry. Because of that passion, she has the ability to pinpoint the exact needs in case presentation, leadership skills, and practice systems to create a practice that you control rather than the other way around.

What I have learned from her is how to relate to patients, open up and have honest dialogue with patients, and transform the dental experience for our team and patients. She is constantly improving and growing and continues to bring new ideas to the table. It is hard to get in a rut with Dee Dee and that is what I love about her!

Lincoln Parker,  DMD

I have had the pleasure to have Dee Dee Reid as a co-worker and as an inspiration!  She and I met in 2010 in a progressive practice in North Dallas.  At this time in my career I was frustrated by all of the broken practices that were in my past.  Dee Dee implemented procedures in that practice that really worked and created a team environment.  The key to that was strong leadership and willingness from everyone to be successful.

Dee Dee is always looking to learn and improve herself and therefore anyone in contact with her will have the ability to reap the benefits from her passion.  The best part is she walks the walk.

 Most consultants are speaking to you from working in a practice years before.  Dee Dee is honing her skill by staying in active practice.   I am honored to call her a friend and inspiration!

Rachel Smith, RDH

Dee Dee Reid brings a beautiful balance of developed skill and innate emotional intelligence to her role. Her enthusiasm for coaching and ability to create accountability at all levels are unmatched. Few others can build relationships as bountiful as Dee Dee can.

Dee Dee walks her talk, she is one of the most successful sales people in her industry because she deeply believes in the solutions she sells and authentically wants her patients to live happier, higher quality lives. I consider Dee Dee a trusted advisor in business, and you should too.
Nicole Francois
Founder of MarketWell.com

I have known Dee Dee Reid for over 20 years. In that time, I have known her to be energetic, honest, hard working and dedicated to the people she associates herself with. Whatever Dee Dee takes on, she devotes herself to getting the job done. 
Dee Dee can teach your staff to create an environment where patients want to do the care they need and want with you. She will help your team learn how to have each others' backs and make your life as a dentist easier. She will help guide
them to becoming a more cohesive team. 
Dee Dee has a knack for telling people what they need to hear without making them feel badly about it. She always looks for ways to praise people for the efforts they make and successes they have. Truthfully, if a consultant can't be honest with you and your staff about what is going on and how to fix things, they aren't much good to you. At the same time, they also shouldn't make an enemy out of anyone who is really trying to improve the operation of your office.
Dee Dee is a master of creating that balance.

Dee Dee is always looking to improve what she brings to the table. So as your association with her matures, she will continue to bring you the strategies and methods of improving your practice over the long term. 

Perhaps the most important thing about Dee Dee is that she has done the job that your staff is doing. She's been in the trenches and been extremely successful at it. That, along with her ability to communicate effectively gives her the ability to help your staff be successful, too.  
Dr. Isabelle Farmer, Dentist and 
Licensed Parelli 2 Star Instructor